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  My friend just bought a new house and he wanted to turn it into home. He didn’t have idea about interior or exterior design so he decided to arrange a consultation with modern residential architects, explain what he expects and while benefiting from free architect advice, choose one of them. Usually is not easy to meet top London architects, however my friend decided to work only with the best experts. For him, like for most of us, new house is very important and he wanted to make it his real home. It was a place where he expected to grow old and create unforgettable memories. First meeting went really well and free architect advice, that included general ideas and basic advices, came out to be very helpful. My friend had some ideas and expectations but number of aspects connected with interior and exterior design he needs to consider really surprised him. He worked, with carefully chosen, top London architects, therefore he expected perfect solutions and at the end he got what he need. Modern residential architects, most of them recommended by friends and associates, had shown initiative and professionalism. He has chosen three of them and ask for projects. While talking to them he felt that they are on the same wave length, so he decided to wait for visualizations and select for one of them. Of course the choice was very difficult. Projects were very interesting, innovating and highly professional. He new they are top London architects, experts in their profession and all he have left to do is to choose one project. Do you wander what would you do? Well, my friend followed his intuition. Free architect advice, that he revieved a month earlier, came out to be the most important factor. Even having three projects of three top London architects, he new which one is the top project for him. Now my friend lives in his perfect home. If you still looking for more information please contact us for free advice. You decide yourself how you use the information you receive from us.

Remember – it’s your prefect home!

Written by: Michal Miodonski – mentor, coach, entrepreneur

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