What happens after Service of notice ?

A party Wall award can often be required when you undertake construction works either on an existing or for a proposed building. Many people look at the title of the act which is the “Party Wall etc Act” and are under the misconception that it only relates to works that are carried out on the wall between two joined premises which is known as the “Party Wall” but this is not the case. There are a number of other items covered by the Act and the clue is in the etc. suffix at the end of the title. A few examples of items that would be included are such things as Adjacent Excavation notices. If you’re digging in the back garden of your house for an extension and the excavation will be lower than those of your next­door neighbour within a distance of 3 m then you need to let the neighbours know under the terms of section 6 of the party wall legislation. If you’re piling different distances and depths apply. Within flats for example you can have such things as Party Structures which refer to that part of the building that separates different homes or areas accessed by their own staircase or entrance. If example you’re in a first­floor flat in doing work to your floors such as putting insulation in for sound purposes of even a level access shower tray you need to let the ground floor premises know as your floor is their ceiling and you […]


INTRODUCTION I have always had interest in Gothic architecture and have always been very impressed by the stone masonry work in churches and cathedrals. My family are well aware that every time we drive walk past a Gothic cathedral I’m going to have to stop and going to have a look at how it’s been built and in particular admire the stone tracery to the Windows The Quatrefoils shape is the four leafed clover window and can often be seen at the top of a Gothic arch filled with stained glass. It’s a Christian and Islamic symbol the word deriving from the Latin and comes from “quattour” or four and “folium” or leaves. My uncle also lives in a road called Trefoil Drive and which is the three leafed clover window so I suppose it been around me in some form for most of my life. It is often quite interesting trying to spell the company name down the telephone to someone and it is at times like this that one tends to think that maybe I should’ve called the company ABC Surveyors but I’m sure it’s been done before. I often have a number of discussions with people as to exactly how to pronounce the name of the company and its one of those terms like scones or tomatoes where everybody has a slightly different view.   WHAT HAPPENS AFTER SERVICE OF NOTICE ? A party Wall award can often be required when you undertake construction works either on […]