Modern Residential Architecture

Meet motivated architect   Recently I have a chance to meet very interesting person. He was very creative. His ideas were modern and even if he came to me to discus his personal issues, his passion to the job was seen immediately. This man works as an architect in London, however some of his client are from other countries and sometimes even other continents. His passion, modern residential architecture, takes over his whole life. Each architectural design, each architectural visualization he creates, must be perfect. His innovative and very practical projects attract clients and number of referrals is still growing. Being architect in London, from carrier point of view, gives you endless opportunities. Passion for modern residential architecture, diversity in London architecture and number of people interested in architecture allows talented architects to use all the skill and creativity. You might say that you need a talent to create architectural design, however this talent you are talking about is not enough. It takes passion to create masterpiece! You will succeed in any profession, it doesn’t have to be modern residential architecture, if you feel the passion to what you do. While you’re reading this and you’re an architect in London, you know how the market works. I’m sure you’ve seen many talented people who didn’t get too far. Possibly you know as well architects with not that much talent, who are having achievements. You think they are lucky and have connections. I’ve worked with many talented people that need motivation […]