New device for marketing properties: quadcopters!

Real estate aerial photography services are now delivered by camera drones (or “quadcopters”, as they are also known).


Recent advances in camera, flight and battery technologies mean that those UAVs are now capable of achieving footage at a quality comparable to that achieved by manned aircraft.
Combined with the fact that UAVs can be used closer to the ground and nearer to people than manned aircraft, this means that they are becoming an incredibly adaptable tool for filmmakers across
a wide variety of genres.

Originally, those drones were used to record videos and take pictures of roofs, to make sure that their condition was good, and to detect at a lower cost any difficulty that may appear (leak, severe foam, broken tiles…) without having to send someone to physically climb onto the roof (which is pretty inconvenient when the buildings are two storey mansions or other tall buildings).

But drones for aerial photography can also appear as a really inexpensive and convenient way to publicize a mass celebration (such as a marriage, a religious gathering, or a mass demonstration), or a large property such as a mansion or a newly-built building.

In particluar, those services can be useful to market real estate properties or for architect firm in London.
To publicise a luxurious property, such as, for instance, a large mansion with a garden,it is quite spectacular to use nice aerial shots taken from a light, highly manageable quadcopter. With this original technique, it can be useful to please customers with an artistic spirit as well as differentiating themselves from their competitors. And, again, no need to rent an expensive helicopter crew!

It seems that the most utilized drone is the “DJI Phantom”, which is capable of carrying a small compact camera or something like a GoPro.

The use of drones for aerial photography can also help small businesses for a wide range of internet marketing strategies. It can be used to display stunning video footage or outstanding pictures on websites, brochures or other marketing tools.

Drones for aerial photography can also be an interesting option for TV documentaries: it is particularly useful for those who want to record aerial views of a dramatic landscapes without having the financial means to rent an helicopter.

The drones are usually state-of-the-art technology devices, that have often been enhanced by adding a stabilizer, so as to guarantee that the pictures and videos are as neat and precise as possible. It is more often than not possible to record high quality videos and pictures, as quadcopters can be flown reasonably close to any target so as to make sure that the best possible shot is taken, and the most detailed picture.

In addition, the footage and/or pictures can be reviewed after each flight so as to make sure that you are fully satisfied with the pictures you obtain.

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