Minimalistic design – Apartments South London

  1. Apartment – Eaton Square

The slogan of the design was “happiness is here to stay” therefore the design tried to mirror this statement. White surfaces and lot of natural lighting is making the space looking larger and it reflects all modern living requirements in a smaller space.

  1. Apartment – Eaton Square 2

The living and the dining areas are occupying as little space as possible, so the room is not heavily furnished and it can “breath”. The only bright color element is the sofa that works as a focal point for the visitors.

  1. Apartment – St. James Park

Colors’ contrast is the basis for the design of the bathroom. From black shiny tiles in the shower area to slick white surfaces for the rest of the bathroom. A glass wall separates the two, so to enhance the difference.

  1. Apartment – Kensington Park Rd

A Big mirror has extended on the full length of the wall, making the impression the room is double the size. Minimalistic design and large storage areas are adding a more luxurious and elegant look.

  1. Studio – Earls Court

Studio in the central London. Stone floors and white walls are creating a big color contrast, while the reflected floor is enhancing the luxurious style. Less in number but very comfortable furniture was part the client’s brief.

  1. Apartment – Moscow Rd

En- suite bathroom and bedroom in white color. The two rooms have been separated by a glass wall with a long floor to ceiling white curtain. Unusual and unique approach of interior architecture.

  1. Apartment – Long Acre Road

Simple bedroom with free standing furniture. The idea based on the fact that the client wanted to change the design constantly just by moving the furniture around.

  1. Apartment- Berkeley Square

Slick and shiny kitchen with full height cupboards. The big island in the middle is ideal for cooking large meals while the wood kitchen top is giving a more “home” approach.

  1. Apartment – Exhibition Road

Large bathroom with double sinks. While the design has kept simple, the big industrial lights on the top of the sinks are adding a special character into the room.



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