London Architects – Dance rooms

Interior – inspired by ballet  Coming from a ballet dance – the room has been designed for a bedroom of a 10 years old girl. The curved movement of the walls has influenced the fluidity and harmony of the space, inspired by a ballet dance.   Interior – inspired by ballet 2 A small sitting area has been placed on the south side of the room, where the wall changes to become the wardrobe and drops down to become a low-height wall that transforms to a ballet barre. The dancer has all the equipment to practice ballet at her room.(mirrors, wooden floor, barre)   Interior – inspired by contemporary dance 1 Contemporary dance room. The movement is dynamic and dramatic and it shapes the room in different directions. Even the lighting on the ceiling is part of the design.   Interior – inspired by contemporary dance 2 The room has been designed for an adult contemporary style dancer. The material palette is changing to accommodate the different shapes. In the centre of the room the dancer can practice the routines while the room has been divided into 4 areas – sitting area, bedroom, walk-in wardrobe, desk/study area. Interior – inspired by street dancing 1 Street dancing room. Powerful and vigorous design, designed for a male street dancer. The panels are moving from floor to ceiling and then shaping the wardrobe and the study area. Close to the bed is a separate playstation area.   Interior – inspired by street dancing […]

Apartments in London – Contemporary design

  Apartment – London Waterloo The apartment is overlooking Thames River. The apartment has been designed with clear lines and a more minimalistic approach, in order not to compete with the great views. The color palette has kept soft and simple. Apartment – London Monument Open plan kitchen and large family-room. The comfortable sofa was a client requirement. The contemporary kitchen wooden cupboards are matching the family-room floor, while the kitchen floor is changing. While the design based on clear lines, small touches of orange color are brightening the space. Apartment – Cannon Street Small kitchen in a bright color shaping the end of the living area. Small but dynamic, the kitchen gives a special character in the room. Apartment – Wandsworth Bridge 1 Continuation of the pattern from wall to ceiling to enhance fluidity of the design. Simple shapes and contemporary design to help the client relaxing at the same time as giving the room a unique identity. Apartment – Wandsworth Bridge 2 Same continuation of the pattern from wall to ceiling. The client was looking for a touch of his country – Kenya. The design tried to match the requirement without losing the minimalistic approach. The design has kept lightweight with a “holiday” feeling.    

Organic design – What it is ?
Architects in London

Organic architecture is a philosophy of architecture which promotes harmony between human habitation and the natural world through design approaches so sympathetic and well integrated with its site, that buildings, furnishings, and surroundings become part of a unified, interrelated composition.

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Architects in London

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